Domestic Smoke Alarm

Buying a smoke alarm could help save your home and the lives of you and your family.

Why should I choose wireless interconnection?

Using wireless interconnection:

  • Eliminates tricky wiring runs
  • Saves time on installation
  • Reduces mess and disruption during installation
  • Saves money
  • Makes it easier to add in new alarms and accessories
  • Grade D – smoke and heat alarms come with 10 year lithium battery back-up and a 5 year warranty
We think it’s the way to go

Mains-powered alarms will still need to be wired to the mains electricity but this can be from the nearest ceiling light, keeping disruption to a minimum. RadioLINK is a way of interconnecting alarms together without having to run wiring between them. It uses RF signals instead.

Radio link Fire Alarm Systems are ideal for social or rented properties and are considered as the complete solution to British Standard (BS) 5839: part 6: 2004.

We can supply directly to the public, or one of our qualified engineers can install the system into your property, at the best prices guaranteed

Fire Kills Campaign

The Fire Kills campaign has concentrated on the importance of regularly testing smoke alarms.  Since 1992 building regulations have required that at least one smoke alarm, wired directly to the mains.

Every year the fire and rescue service is called to over 600,000 fires which result in over 800 deaths and over 17,000 injuries. About 50,000 (140 a day) of these are in the home and kill nearly 500 and injure over 11,000, many which could have been prevented if people had an early warning and were able to get out in time. In fact you are twice as likely to die in a house fire that has no smoke alarm than a house that does.

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